Minolta SRT303 Film Camera


Minolta SRT303b

  • Legendary Rokkor MC 58mm f1.4 Lens
  • Refurbished and fully working
  • Beautiful Classic Camera

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Minolta SRT303 Film Camera with MC Rokkor 58mm f1.4 Lens

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Minolta SRT303 Film Camera (serial 3086782) in fully working and refurbished condition, recently professionally CLA’d. Meter working and accurate and supplied with the legendary 58mm f1.4 MC Rokkor (serial 5803103). The lens body shows wear but the optics are perfect. Meter has been professionally calibrated to work with a standard SR44 battery.

The lens has a beautiful smooth focus, snappy aperture and near mint glass showing only small dust particles which is normal for a lens of this period.

The camera and lens have been fully tested with film and results are shown in the gallery.

Camera is fully working and clean with brand new light seals and mirror bumper it does show some signs of age related wear including a few small dents to the right side shoulder and some scuff marks to its base.

Supplied complete with its original lens cap and a skylight filter to protect the lens.

All metal and truly beautiful clean camera from the Golden Age of Japanese film.

Normally this model of camera would require a battery adaptor with a short lived zinc air battery or an expensive Weincell zinc air to operate correctly (read our article on Classic Camera Batteries ) but this one has been professionally calibrated to work with modern 1.5v batteries so you can use standard SR44 silver cells with an adaptor or PX625 alkaline batteries which are a perfect fit.  We recommend buying an adaptor and using an SR44 as silver cells last longer and provide more stable power.

Fully manual SLR manufactured between 1973 and 1975. The SRT303 ( also known as the SRT102 and SRT-Super ) near the pinnacle of the SRT development which started with the SRT101 in 1966. It was replaced by the SRT303b in 1975.

The SRT303 features a split screen and micro prism focusing screen and unlike the slightly later 303b retained the Mirror Lock Up (MLU) feature. The SRT303b removed the MLU but added a film safe indicator to show film was loaded correctly.

The only electronics are for the light meter which on this camera has been calibrated to use a standard SR44 battery with the PX625 battery adaptor. Users should remember to turn the camera off after use as otherwise it will drain the battery. The Minolta SRT series comes from an aged when people were expected to use their noodle rather than rely on electronics. For details on an adaptor check out the guide on power for these classics.

Camera and lens cleaned throughout, camera wind mechanism lubricated with appropriate materials. Degraded light seal and mirror buffer removed and replaced with new high quality professional camera foam.  The lens with this camera was featured in our rebuild guide so you know like all our lenses supplied with our cameras its absolutely top line.

Mirror, viewfinder and focus screen cleaned of debris and dirt and viewfinder now presents a clean and bright image. A few small specks are visible in keeping with the cameras age.

Metering system repaired and now fully operational and accurate within the limits of its original design, calibrated for use with standard SR44 1.5 Volt batteries.

Deep cleaning throughout and UV treatment to ensure long term fungal kill in both lens and camera.

Shutter tested with Phocron XA Tester.

Lens Restoration
Lens Restoration

Please be aware that the cameras and lenses for sale can be up to 50 years old.  They have been serviced and/or checked and are always as good as they can be made, but please don’t expect them to be flawless as if they were made yesterday.

All lenses of this age exhibit some small particles of dust and coatings are not up to modern standards. Cameras will exhibit some wear signs and likewise may have small dust specks in their viewfinders or focus screens.  These do not affect the picture in any way.

ANY problems or issues will be described in the main text which you are advised to read carefully.If you are unfamiliar with film cameras we suggest you do some online research and read the manuals which are freely available from online resources.

We are enthusiastic film fans and spend our time hunting cameras and lenses that have been or are being unloved. We then spend hours to bring them back to fully working and clean condition, ready for a new lease of life with you  We always change the film seals, give the camera a clean/service and make sure its fully working before we sell it on to you.

Most lenses are cleaned, re-lubricated and all of their functions checked prior to sale so you know they will work, full details will always be in the text. All items are packed safely for transit using proper packing material NOT something the cat was sick in.Having been stung both on eBay and by dealers alike who often know very little about film cameras we decided to offer people a chance to experience film using a camera that will last for many years and which we can say for sure works reliably

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