Olympus OM-2n


Olympus OM-2n

  • Refurbished
  • New Light Seals & Fungus Free
  • Fully Working & Film Tested
  • Beautiful Clean Lens

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Olympus OM-2n Film Camera

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Worn but perfectly working OM-2n (Serial 962520) supplied complete with a late model Zuiko 50mm f1.8 lens (Serial 3628574).

Camera has been tested with professional grade equipment and shoots extremely well.

Lens has been fully refurbished and is clean and bright with perfectly smooth focus and fast, snappy aperture mechanism.

No battery drain issue present in this camera and all seals and bumpers have been replaced.

Deep cleaning throughout including prism foam removal and replacement with high quality felt.

Viewfinder is clean and bright with a new standard focus screen installed.

Fully working and film tested. Supplied with original lens cap.

The Olympus OM-2n was introduced in 1975 and combined the light, sturdy camera body style of the manual-only OM-1 and added an Aperture Priority auto exposure function.

One of the main selling points of the OM-2 was that all of the OM-1 accessories and lenses would fit without modification, offering a compact system and an easy upgrade path for OM-1 owners. In manual mode its identical in operation to an OM-1.

The OM-2 was the first camera to offer Off the Film  metering where the camera (in Auto Mode) measures light reflected from the film to decide on shutter speed.

The OM-2n was manufactured between 1979 and 1984 and added some small additional features and some minor cosmetic changes.

Uses standard SR44 batteries.

This camera arrived in very poor overall shape and has been restored to fully working.
Prism foam has been removed and replaced with high quality felt as the foam in these is noted for degrading and destroying the prism.
Viewfinder is clear and bright and all seals and bumpers have been changed for fresh high quality Japanese foam as supplied by the factory when new.

Battery chamber cleaned of residue and contacts are now bright and clean.

Overall cosmetics cleaned as far as is practical.
Original damaged focus screen replaced with a fresh unit and all optical surfaces, mirror and prism, have been cleaned to give a clear and bright view.

Original lens was as a write off and this has been replaced with a standard late model 50mm f1.8 lens which has been refurbished by us.

Light meter adjusted as it was 2+ stops over exposing.  The meter has been adjusted to be within 1 stop accurate compared to two known good OM-1 cameras and validated using a calibrated light source.

Shutter speeds are very close to factory specifications and within 20% of stated speeds as specified by the manufacturer. Most speeds are closer but the 1000th speed is averaging around 850th which is fairly typical for this model.  These have been tested on a ZTS V tester.  Camera has shot one roll of film perfectly both on Auto and in Manual mode.

Please be aware that the cameras and lenses for sale can be up to 50 years old.  They have been serviced and/or checked and are always as good as they can be made, but please don’t expect them to be flawless as if they were made yesterday.

All lenses of this age exhibit some small particles of dust and coatings are not up to modern standards. Cameras will exhibit some wear signs and likewise may have small dust specks in their viewfinders or focus screens.  These do not affect the picture in any way.

ANY problems or issues will be described in the main text which you are advised to read carefully.If you are unfamiliar with film cameras we suggest you do some online research and read the manuals which are freely available from online resources.

We are enthusiastic film fans and spend our time hunting cameras and lenses that have been or are being unloved. We then spend hours to bring them back to fully working and clean condition, ready for a new lease of life with you  We always change the film seals, give the camera a clean/service and make sure its fully working before we sell it on to you.

Most lenses are cleaned, re-lubricated and all of their functions checked prior to sale so you know they will work, full details will always be in the text. All items are packed safely for transit using proper packing material NOT something the cat was sick in. Having been stung both on eBay and by dealers alike who often know very little about film cameras we decided to offer people a chance to experience film using a camera that will last for many years and which we can say for sure works reliably

Mel & Claire

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Camera Type

Fully Electronic



Exposure Mode

Apeture Priority, Manual


Autowinder Compatible

Focus Type

Manual Focus

Mount Type

Olympus OM

Product Type

Camera, Lens

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