Nikon F-301 35mm with Series E 50mm f1.8


Nikon F-301 35mm with Series E 50mm f1.8 Lens

  • Fully Tested with Film
  • Very clean condition
  • Serviced Series E lens
  • Clean Battery Compartment

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Nikon F-301 35mm with Nikon Series E 50mm f1.8 Lens

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A fully working and tested Nikon F-301 35mm (Serial 3368461) complete with a restored 2nd Generation Series E 50mm Lens (Serial 3244971).

Fully film tested and all functions working as they should (see test pics).

The lens is silky smooth throughout its focus and has a snappy and reactive aperture. Viewfinder is clean and bright.

Camera and lens are in used condition showing some signs of use but as a package it is overall very clean and tidy.

The Nikon F-301 (known as the N2000 in North America) was the replacement for the Nikon FG. Nikons EM and FG models were troubled by a lot of electronic issues and the F-301 could be considered as ‘third times a charm’ as Nikon finally got the hang of electronics.  The F-301 was the last manual focus Nikon camera and the first to have a polycarbonate body and no manual film winder.  The built in autowinder can run the film at around 2.5-3 frames per second which is faster than some dedicated autowinders.

The F-301 was very successful in its day but Nikon cut its production run short and as a result it was only available for around 2 years starting in 1985. It was a casualty of the Auto Focus revolution.  Its sister camera was the Nikon F-501 which is basically an F-301 with Auto-Focus.

The F-301 is a very sophisticated camera featuring full manual controls, Aperture Priority and two Program modes. The program modes feature a standard mode which favours depth of field and a High Speed Mode which favours shutter speed. The Program mode on the F-301 is masterful and it almost never misses a trick. Check out the night shot in the test pics taken on high speed Program model under very difficult lighting and you can see just how good it can be.

Like many cameras of the late film camera era the F-301 is equipped with a DX reader to automatically set the film ISO but than can be overridden and manually set if desired. The camera also has up to 2 stops exposure compensation for all shooting modes.

Technically the F-301 surpasses both the Canon AE-1 Program and the Minolta X-700 its two closest competitors from its day missing only a depth of field preview but offering DX coding, superior program modes, a built in auto winder and the superb viewfinder.

The view finder and focus screen may just be the best of any camera from the period and some would say any camera PERIOD!  Bright and sharp giving an exceptional view and making focusing easier. Only the Minolta X-700 with its AccuMatte screen can rival it.

Paired with the 2nd generation 50mm f1.8 Series E lens it is a compact and potent combination capable of getting excellent pictures.

Sadly, time has not been kind to the Nikon F-301 35mm Camera, though its reliable very many of them turn up with badly corroded battery trays or other corrosion related issues.  The F-301 used standard AAA batteries and these could last for as many as 30 rolls of film.  Probably more film than many people buying them would ever shoot.  The consequence is many have been left to rot in cupboards and lofts. Finding a good reliable one is hard work but a good runner is a total joy to use.

Camera has been cleaned throughout.

There was some mild corrosion caused by a leaking battery which needed careful cleaning. This is a common issue with the Nikon F-301.  The product pictures show this has been cleaned to perfect, with only some small staining left on the interior of the base.

Overall the camera  was acquired in near perfect operating condition and so only cleaning work has been carried out.

Light seals are in good shape and will likely last for a considerable period of time.  Nikon used a different foam to most manufacturers and as a result it tends to last better which is just as well as the foam cut-out shapes are rather difficult to replicate.

Like most ‘E’ Series lenses the lens had oil haze and a stiff focus.  The lens hae been completely refurbished and has been used extensively by us on one of our own Nikon F-301s and it has always returned excellent results.

Shutter tested with ZTS V Tester to ensure accuracy.

Please be aware that the cameras and lenses for sale can be up to 50 years old. They have been serviced and/or checked and are always as good as they can be made, but please don’t expect them to be flawless as if they were made yesterday.
All lenses of this age exhibit some small particles of dust and coatings are not up to modern standards. Cameras will exhibit some wear signs and likewise may have small dust specks in their viewfinders or focus screens. These do not affect the picture in any way.
ANY problems or issues will be described in the main text which you are advised to read carefully.If you are unfamiliar with film cameras we suggest you do some online research and read the manuals which are freely available from online resources.

We are enthusiastic film fans and spend our time hunting cameras and lenses that have been or are being unloved. We then spend hours to bring them back to fully working and clean condition, ready for a new lease of life with you We always change the film seals, give the camera a clean/service and make sure its fully working before we sell it on to you.
Most lenses are cleaned, re-lubricated and all of their functions checked prior to sale so you know they will work, full details will always be in the text. All items are packed safely for transit using proper packing material NOT something the cat was sick in.Having been stung both on eBay and by dealers alike who often know very little about film cameras we decided to offer people a chance to experience film using a camera that will last for many years and which we can say for sure works reliably
Mel & Claire

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Apeture Priority, Manual, Program


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Fully Electronic



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Nikon AIS