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Film is expensive, or is it?

The price of film

Film is expensive: – The increasing cost of film is often much complained about on film photography forums with people endlessly binding on about how it’s daft to keep shooting when film costs are so exorbitant. Devotees of the art (craft, science, technology – pic your preferred nomenclature) seem to be constantly complaining about the…

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Being There……Picture This

Global Warming Protestor

One of the things that drives me mad with many photographers online, and in the flesh very often, is their push for ever more expensive gear but a complete lack of actually GOING somewhere or DOING something with it.  Now I can’t say I am completely devoid of ‘gearhead’ syndrome (also known as Collectivitis and Gear…

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Testament – Agfa Silette

Agfa Silitte

As a New Year comes in I get mellow and like to reflect on the years gone by, and hopefully the ones to come. On my mind today is a question and a reflection.When is a camera more than a camera? What is any camera REALLY worth?Sometimes, and this may happen only once in your…

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A life in a lens

Life in a lens

A stroll through my cameras I started serious photography back in the halcyon days of 1972.  Back then, serious cameras cost serious money – my first pro SLR was the Olympus OM-1.  To give younger readers an idea of just how expensive this stuff was, my OM-1 cost almost as much as my first car!…

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