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Being There……Picture This

Global Warming Protestor

One of the things that drives me mad with many photographers online, and in the flesh very often, is their push for ever more expensive gear but a complete lack of actually GOING somewhere or DOING something with it.  Now I can’t say I am completely devoid of ‘gearhead’ syndrome (also known as Collectivitis and Gear…

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Nikon F-301 Review – Third Times a Charm

Nikon F-301 35mm SLR Camera

Nikon F-301 Review:- One of the most underrated 35mm film SLRs in todays world has to be the Nikon F-301. I suppose that is to be expected considering it had a very short production life and was generally hated in its day by the Nikonista fraternity.Launched in 1985 and withdrawn around 1987 the Nikon F-301…

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