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Toy Story – Konica Pop Review

Konica Pop

Konica Pop Review: Dating from 1982 the Konica Pop is a classic budget point and shoot.  This one comes from 1985 or later as its shows the ‘Hexanon’ lens marking. The lens is stated as being a 36mm f4 and is of course fix focused.The specification for the shutter was 125th but I timed this…

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The Revenant – Minolta XG-1 Restoration

Minolta XG-1 Restoration

The Minolta XG-1 was the second in the XG series launched in 1977 as a budget camera to complement the top of the line XD series. Unlike its predecessor the SRT series, the XG series was all electronic. By the time the XG series came to market the SRT series was looking tired but would…

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Canon FTb Review

Canon FTb

Noticeable by it’s Absence Of all the cameras being hyped by today’s uber-trendy wunderkinds on the web like the Canon AE-1, the Minolta X-700 and the Pentax K1000, the FTb is noticeable by its absence. But, it is the forgotten wonder from the days when stuff was built to last. Manufactured from metal hammered out…

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Last Place Hero – The Chinon CE-5


Mostly plastic, mainly good was how the Chinon CE-5 camera was described by a review at the time.  Here’s my take on it 40 years after it launched. More forgotten then even the Nikon F-301(which I happen to love)  the Chinon CE-5 is definitely a last place hero though in fact in its day one…

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