Minolta X-700 Capacitors


Pack of 2 Capacitors

  • Outstanding reliability
  • Long life
  • Designed to be used in high reliability applications
  • Compatible with the Minolta X-300, X-500 & X-700

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Pack of 2 Minolta X-700 Capacitors

Manufactured by Panasonic these capacitors feature outstanding reliability, long life and are designed to be used in high reliability applications.
They are perfectly sized for all Minolta X-x00 models.

Compatible with the Minolta X-300, X-500 & X-700.

X-500 and X-300 require only a single capacitor for replacement purposes.

Minolta X-700 Capacitor Replacement

Minolta X-700 Capacitor Replacement

Last Updated on December 20, 2023 by admin A step by step guide to Minolta X-700 capacitor replacement in the popular 35mm SLR Camera. Copyright 2023 High5Cameras, Free to use, copy and distribute so long as no charge is made for use, distribution or access and authorship and web address is freely acknowledged. The Minolta […]



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